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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 24, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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temperatures stay below freezing for much of the country while the south braces for a bout with ice and snow. it was a heist inspired by hollywood. now more than 30 years later a mobster is arrested in a robbery immortalized with the hit movie "goodfellas." >>justin bieber is charged with dui and resisting arrest after police say he was drag racing on a miami street. and inspiration. a common bond between a super bowl-bound football player and two young girls who are now his
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biggest fans. >> how is he a football player? captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, january 24th, 2014. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning we begin with weather. and in many parts of the nation, it is painfully cold. brutal, below freezing, and in many cases subzero temperatures stretch from north to south, from new mexico to new england. in minnesota where folks are used to the cold, hospitals are seeing record numbers of frostbite cases. in northwest indiana yesterday at least three people were killed in a weather-related pileup that involved more than 40 cars and trucks. there was snow and whiteout conditions at the time. interstate 94 is the main roadway connecting chicago and detroit. ice and snow conditions also caused travel accidents in texas. in austin, temperatures will drop into the 20s today.
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meteorologist areric fisher of r boston station wbz says the cold weather isn't going away anytime soon. >> in the throes of another big arctic ice break we have freezes all over, bitterly cold air going down toward the gulf coast. highs today, below freezing in atlanta, georgia. 20s in nashville. new orleans barely getting into the 40s and subfreezing in houston with all the precipitation on the ground and farther to the north, big expanse of teens from cincinnati to philly over toward boston and buffalo. all those locations below average. we look toward the next snow system. this is a clipper this comes down saturday. brings snow on saturday. late sunday and monday, brings some snow to the northeast. doesn't look like a major snowstorm but after it, boy, another big blast of cold air. all the eastern u.s., east of the rockies, well below average, starts on monday, goes into next week and it may snow into
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florida by the time we get into tuesday and wednesday. that's when we're all talking. indications are as we head toward the end of the month and end of february, a break of cold in the east and storminess in the west much needed with drought conditions seen in california. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news. overseas now, there have been three bombings in cairo, egypt, this morning. at least four people were killed when a powerful car bomb exploded near the main egyptian police headquarters. nearly 50 were wounded. another bomb explode. no one was injured by the third bomb of the pyramids. tomorrow is the anniversary of the uprising that forced the president out of office. there was a deadly fire in a canadian senior sid zens home.
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the fire broke out early yesterday morning at the home in northeastern quebec. the three-story wooden building was quickly engulfed in flames. firefighters heard people inside they could not reach. many of the trapped residents were dependented on walkers and wheelchairs. and this criminal investigation that chris christie's administration abused its power has expanded. they've been ordered to turn over documents related to the september closure of roadways leading to the george washington bridge. it's alleged that christie's aides created the traffic jams there as political payback. former nsa contractor edward snowden says he'd like to return to the united states but he says he doesn't think he'd get a fair triemt. meanwhile eric holder said he could be given clemency.
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>> reporter: attorney general dismissed calls for pardoning snowden, but holder said the justice department was willing to talk. >> if mr. snowden wanted to come back to the united states, enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers. we'd do that with any defendant who wanted to enter a plea of guilty. >> reporter: snowden remains in russia where he's been granted asylum. during an online question and answer-session yesterday snowden was asked under what condition he would return to the u.s. >> returning to the u.s., i think, is the best resolution for the government, the public, and myself, snowden wrote, but it's unfortunately not possible in the face of current whistle blower protection laws which through a failure in law did not cover national security contractors like myself. but snowden does not believe he could get a fair trial in this country. he also denied he stole
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co-workers' passwords to gain access to the documents he took. holder said by releasing the classified material holding harmed the national security and he does not consider him a whistle blower. >> he's a person we have lodged criminal charges against and i think that's the most apt title. >> reporter: it's unclear if the justice department would be willing to discuss a deal while snowden remain as fugitive. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. the pentagon is planning on calling blimps back into service to protect airspace over washington, d.c. the drone airships would protect the capitol from missile attacks but they're also raising privacy concerns. susan mcginnis is in washington with more. good morning, susan. >> good morning, anne-marie. the plan is to deploy them over maryland this coming fall. their mission would be to detect any aircraft, cruise missiles,
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things like that, to intercept them before they read the capital. but it's their potential capability of carrying cameras on board and spying on people on the ground that's raising concerns. they plan to deploy blimp-like aircraft over maryland the fall. they're meant toro ptect the nation's capitol. >> they would fly low level and very rapidly. >> reporter: one military officer tells cbs news the prospect of a missile being launched at the capitol is the biggest threat. he says, as of today they have zero capability to detect it much less defend against it. they'll have radar that reaches from boston to north carolina. the technology is already in use overseas. arrow stats in afghanistan has radar and cameras to track people on the ground.
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>> that kind of technology raises privacy concerns. if the military want to test hardware, they should not be testing it on the public. >> reporter: but they insist it won't include cameras. this man says people shouldn't worry. >> technology is not designed to collect data. it's just surveillance. >> reporter: they'll begin testing the arrow stats on the ground. they're going to look like two little white dots if you're close enough. the army says that erie not going to put cameras on this thing, infrared sensors or inform the local authorities. >> thank you, susan. coming up on the "morning news" now, mob bust. the pbi makes new arrests in the airport heist depicted in the
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nobody knows how much was taken at the raid at the airport. fbi says $2 million. police say $4 million. there was a scene of the heist at jfk. looks like a big one. >> it was a heist that inspired the hollywood gangster hit "goodfellas," and it turned out to be worth $6 million. on thursday, more than 35 years after the infamous luf tan za robbery at kennedy airport a refuted mobster and associates were hauled into brooklyn federal court. they plead not guilt in what was the largest crime in history. ko im reports. >> reporter: fbi agents arrested
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78 yld vincent de-sarao wednesday morning for a 30-year crime. >> he got rousted out of bed at 6:00 for something he didn't do. >> reporter: the refuted captain of the bonanno family pulled off a heist at the kennedy airport. the robbery was the essential story of the 1990 martin scorsese movie, "goodfellas." jimmy burke. asorrow was not in the movie. he helped masked gunmen get away with $5 million in untraceable cash and $1 million in jewelry. he plead not guilty and is now behind bars. they each expected to receive $750,000 in stolen loot.
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the lieu tan za investigation. they found human remains. he's accused of that murder along with multi. charges of racketeering and conspiracy not related to the luf tan za case. straight ahead, your friday morning weather. and in sports, a common bond between a player and this year's super bowl and two of his newest fans. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs morning news" sponsored by just for men mustache and beard, champions of facial hair. "cbs morning news" sponsored by [ female announcer ] yoplait greek 100. 100% greek. 100% mmm... so mmm, you might not believe it's 100 calories.
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to support your heart and brain, too. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york will be mostly sunny today. miami will be breezy. and those of you living in chicago, expect a little snow in the evening. partly sunny in dallas, and partly sunny in l.a. so kids often look up to professional athletes as role models but derek holman of the superbound seattle seahawks is not just inspiring people across the country but two new jersey twins in particular. elaine quijano have the story. >> reporter: they were born with a genetic condition. last week they saw a tv commercial featuring derrick coleman. >> they told me it couldn't be done but i've been deaf since i
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was 3, so i didn't listen. what did you think when you saw that commercial? >> i thought it was very touching. i didn't tlink there was any athlete that could play that would be exactly impaired like me and erin. seriously. >> i saw the battery commercial. i remember him saying he was bullied. and i was like, what? how is he a football player? he's so strong. but how does he let them bully them. >> riley herself was picked on in school and was told not to play sports. a warning she ignored. after the seahawks won last weekend, riley picked up a pencil. >> dear derrick coleman. i know how you feel. i also share your needs. just try your best. i have faith in you. >> their father tweet add picture of the letter. he hoped they would see it. >> i wanted him to know how much he was doing for deaf kids and
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little kids with disacts. it doesn't matter that you're deaf or have some other disability. you can have that too. >> reporter: that night the seahawks tweet thad letter that has been shared 2,700 times. he was drafted and had to fight for an nfl position. now he's super bowl bound. now he spoke to bill whitaker. >> i let them know i did what i did and you can do it too. no matter what, the obstacles are you can always achieve what you want to do. >> reporter: wednesday kovac tweet back to riley and erin and said i want you to know that i always try my best in everything i do and i have faith in you and your sister too. they have one more. >> good luck at the super bowl and go, seahawks. >> reporter: elaine quijano, cbs
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., mostly sunny today. atlanta will be sunny as well. and sunshine in st. louis. denver will be mostly sunny. and seattle, sunny as well. on thursday police in miami beach charged teen pop star justin bieber with dui. this video from tmz claims to show the yellow lamb bore guy knee that bieber was racing on a miami street. he was drinking, smoking pot, and taking prescription drugs. meribel rodriguez reports. >> reporter: justin bieber showed no expression with his
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hearing with the dgjue. the ea19-ydr-oles fac charges of dui, resisting arrest,nd a driving with an invalid license. hours earlier bieber smiled for a mug shot after he was caught racing in a yellow lamborghini. >> when he opened up the window and confronted mr. bieber, he smell add strongr odo of alcoholic beverage. >> reporter: police say he was racing a red lamborghini. police pulled him over at 4:00 a.m. they say he refused to follow instructions and repeatedly swore at them. >> he made statements he had consumed some ail alcohol and had been smoking mann and consumed some prescription medication. earlier this month officers searched his home after a neighbor accused the pop star and his entourage of throwing
4:22 am
eggs at his home. he waved to fans after leaving jail. meribel rodriguez, cbs news, miami. bieber's arrest provided plenty of material for david letterman's late show. >> his monkey was confiscated. he got insulted for insulted anne frank. he hired hooker ins in brazil and he was eggs a neighbor's house. and today lindsay lohan, lindsay lohan said, what's with this guy. we have projected the headlines about what you might be seeing him for the top ten list. justin bieber is sick of himself. rob ford and neighborhood chief of police and the number one just tine bieber headline we're
4:23 am
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good morning and welcome to wusa9. today is friday, yes, january 24th, 2014. take it easy want some water? >> yeah. >> howard is here, i'm here, i'm andrea roane.
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>> and i'm mike hydeck, thank you for joining us, good morning monika. >> good morning. >> we have a lot of stuff already at 4:25. yes. and you know what? you're going to hear the cough and the nasal pr in your own house, getting it here too. yep. weather-wise -- >> don't think about it. >> mind over matter? >> windchill advisory in effect this morning from 9:00. the light blue is the windchill warning: talking about windchills ith windchills in the blue area with 10 below and the light blue to 20 below. our day planner though calls for sunshine today. going to be a cold one. 20 by noon. highs today only about 24, 25 if we're lucky. with those winds not even going to feel that warm. what's happening here? we had the snow showers yesterday. those are long gone but the winds have kicked in and that's dropping temperatures this morning down to 5 in gaithersburg and 12 below in the mountains in davis. by the way going to the ski areas this weekend, western maryland, west virginia, got a winter weather advisory for tomorrow 3 to 5-inches of snow
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there. so conditions should be good. 11 currently in la plata and 14 in easton and locally we are down to 8 at dulles. 6 in damascus. it's 11 in waldorf and 10 in bowie with those windchills running yeah anywhere from 5 above to about 10 below. let's check in with monika samtani who i'm going to caution you now it's 4:25. she has a lot of things to tell you already. oh my gosh, since i got in this morning. it's just been all go. and several pretty serious accidents and investigation of a fatal accident as well. i'm going to get to that in just a minute. first of all over in college park a pedestrian struck. a hit and run accident on route 1 and it was closed at cherry hill road and just reopened about five minutes ago but investigation overnight tells us that the person is in critical condition so we'll keep you posted on that situation. this is about a mile and a half north of where the other pedestrian was struck and killed just a short while ago about a week ago. now if you're planning to head
4:28 am
over in the rosslyn area, yes a fatal crash fort meyer drive completely shut down at lee highway. lee highway is closed on the eastbound side as well so in the rosslyn area, it's going to be tough to navigate your way around that area as the investigation of this one continues. also in the district, a metrobus crash, the bus was empty and two vehicles involved in the crash, new york avenue at the brentwood parkway. that investigation continues as well. now over on the outer loop of the belt -- inner loop of the beltway here, this one involves a truck and at some point only the right lane was getting by. lane information again is just coming in so expect to find equipment on the scene there. that's the southbound side of 495 at the bw parkway. let's take you outside live close . no issues to report on the beltway here at route 50. again it's just above this point that i was talking about on the beltway. we'll end with a live look in virginia. no issues here but in rockville on rockville pike at edison lane, watch out for the water main break.
4:29 am
that's it for now. back to you. we have some issues still keeping some schools closed. or at least delayed. in loudoun county, fauquier, culpeper and stafford and spotsylvania counties the school districts are closed along with fredericksburg city schools. we have a hands handful of schools starting two hours late. they include prince george's county and prince william and calvert counties. >> they are being warned the bus may not be able to make it up certain roads because the plows haven't gotten there the way they need to. check their website for more information. manassas city schools are also delayed two hours. they're all on the bottom on the careen and check the websites -- screen and check the websites too. as well. if you have to go outside really watch your step too because often times we look at the icy roads and sidewalks should not be overlooked. >> so who's supposed to be clearing those sidewalks? well, depending on the county, it might be up to you. we took a look at the d.c.
4:30 am
sidewalks to find out. >> reporter: yesterday, definitely actually walked in the roads to get to school and stuff. >> roads are better than the sidewalks. >> yeah. some of the roads have actually been walking in. so -- >> you're choosing roads over sidewalks sometimes. >> sometimes. yeah. >> reporter: pedestrians have been weaving their way on, off and around sidewalks after this week's snow has turned to ice. >> i just stick to the main streets. mainly because i know they'll be salted and stuff. >> i think that's for the most part -- the buildings has been clear. but there are little patches every now and then that get you. >> if you're not watching where you're going it's pretty bad. >> reporter: it could be up to you as some cities and counties in the area require residents and businesses to clear a public sidewalk if it's adjacent to their properties or face fines. in the district as well as montgomery and prince george's county, you have 24 hours to remove snow from sidewalks new mexico arlington 24 to -- innageton 24 to 36 hours. in


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